King Ag Products

Creep/Self Feeders

We currently offer 5 model sizes to accommodate all herd sizes. Available sizes are 90BU, 125BU, 150BU, 250BU, and 300BU. Feeders are normally sold without creep pens and are best suited for high volume feeding applications. The double axle, heavy tongue, and 12 gauge feed pan make them exceptionally durable portable feeders.

Bulk Bins

Bulk Bins are available in 3 sizes to suit any individuals’ needs: 1.5 Ton, 3 Ton, and 5 Ton. 1.5 Ton and 3 Ton Bulk Bins are available in portable and stationary models. 5 Ton Bulk Bins are available in stationary model. Made from 12 gauge sheet metal, these bins are among the heaviest on the market. Special features include a full roll away top door, poly carbonate sight window, and easy to use dispensing mechanism. This bin would be perfect for storing grain for game feeders or wood pellets for pellet stoves.

Mini Feeder

Perfect for 4H calves or herds up to 5-10 calves. Mini Creep Feeders are available in 4 foot and 6 foot models. Perfect for 4-H bucket calves or small herds. Creep pens fold up into feed area for easy storage and transport. The creep pens come with a height adjustment bar and two entry holes. The pens attach to the feeder to provide a durable “cow proof” feeding system. The fully welded feed tank makes the mini a durable and water tight creep/self feeder.

Cube/Cake Feeders

Our Cube/Cake Feeders come in 5 model sizes: UTV 550 pound, 1100 pound, 1300 pound, 1800 pound, and 2100 pound. Made of 12 gauge steel, you never have to worry about damaging the box with a hydraulic bale bed. The ¾ HP motor is stronger than most and matches up to a 4? auger driven by a #40 roller chain. All cube/cake feeders come standard with a wireless remote and secondary push button on the side of the feeder. Our unique lever action door eliminates feed spillage and waste. Pound for pound, you won’t find a better cube/cake feeder for the money.

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